March 22, 2013

DeLuca Gelato

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Calling all GELATO LOVERS!
 I've never quite understood the hype about gelato. But, as far as gelato goes, DeLuca Gelato seems is right on point! Their selection contains over 30 unique flavors and the owner told me they do not use any artificial flavorings. I could not decide because every flavor I tried, I loved (except peach and brandy- it had too much of the brandy part for my liking!) 

I tried:

Caramel and Cream
Peach and Brandy
Cookies and Cream.

Amaretto was my favorite of the night. If you like the flavor of amaretto, you'll love their version of it. I also picked cookies and cream- which was really good but not better than all the other cookies and cream gelatos out there. I'm glad I stumbled across this gelato shop because it's the perfect place to satisfy my sweet tooth this spring and summer. Check them out and let me know which flavors you try!

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