March 21, 2013

...Country Style Doughnuts...

Ok people. Do not let the exterior of Country Style Doughnuts scare you away! This hidden gem is a must if you are a doughnut fan... open 24/7 (how fun is that!?) with the exception of a few hours on Monday. Beware, they only bake once a day from 11 p.m. through 6 a.m., so what you see it what you get. The doughnuts are only 98 cents!

I tried:

Boston cream
Toasted Coconut

The employee also let me taste a doughnut hole for free. All of them were fabulous and both the peanut and boston cream flavors ran out while I was there around 6 p.m. Locals kept stopping in and within 20 minutes the baskets were nearly empty! Next time you are near the airport, make sure to stop by!

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