April 19, 2013

...EAT by pescados china street...

L-O-V-E! The chef at EAT knows his stuff. He has come up with the most unique dishes with amazing flavors! We loved our food and 100% recommend it. Sadly, it is pricier than our usual go-to restaurants, but hopefully we can go back soon!

We tried:

Risotto Balls
Voodoo Shrimp
Fish Tacos
Chocolate Panna Cotta with salted caramel and candied peanuts

Get all three (or four if available!) The risotto balls are a party in the mouth... with a great manchego flavor and the perfect crunch. The spicy honey aioli sauce on top is delightful! The Voodoo shrimp is so unusual but surprisingly delicious. It has shrimp, chorizo, bananas and a fried egg all inside a bread bowl. All the different elements end up working perfectly together. We especially loved getting bites with banana. (Note, my husband and I both thought that it was just a TITCH too spicy.) And the fish tacos were the best fish tacos I've had. Ever. Breaded and cooked to perfection. I wish there was another sauce on them, but the actual fish part is unmatched. Plus, the black beans have a coconut flavor, which is a great compliment.
The dessert was out of this world, but it isn't always around. I licked the salted caramel that was drizzled over the panna cotta right off the plate. 

The atmosphere was refreshing, the service was great, and the food was delicious. Such a fun overall dining dinner for us. Go to EAT if you haven't already!!

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April 9, 2013


In Richmond, there are a few brunch joints that have a lot of hype...so it's hard to branch out and try new ones. But we got brave, branched out, and hit a jackpot! We have gone back to Lulu's twice in a very short span of time because it is that good. It has an awesome ambiance to boot- very modern and industrial. Needless to say, we have tried a lot of their food so here is our head's up...

We tried:
 (a lot of our orders were from their special's menu, so hopefully they still have it.)

Lobster Benedict
Shrimp and Chorizo Quesadilla
Carnitas Pork
French Toast
Grilled Corn Beef
Lulu's Benedict

If it has the word benedict in it, get it! Their hollandaise sauce is out of this world. The lobster benedict was the real winner-it comes with SO much lobster you wouldn't believe it. It's definitely what takes us back to Lulu's. This dish is really, really rich so split a meal and alternate if you can!

I love the shrimp and chorizo quesadilla-husband just thinks it's "pretty good." If you love chorizo, then go for it! Really good flavor and really big portion.

Carnitas Pork- not so much. It is as DRY as meat comes. Two thumbs down.

French Toast- also, not so much. I would describe it as flimsy pieces of not good bread, with a "nothing special" strawberry sauce on top. You will probably be as disappointed as we were if you order this.

If you like grilled corn beef, you will probably like Lulu's. The waitress told us it was her favorite thing on the menu! They do it well.

Give Lulu's a try! It is a new fav brunch spot.

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March 25, 2013

...On the Rox...

You may think On the Rox Bar and Grill is just a bar with lousy food, but boy would you be wrong. My husband and I get cravings for On the Rox regularly (including right now just typing about it!)
If you are looking for one heck of a $4.50 meal...go to On the Rox during their HAPPY HOUR from 3-6 p.m. M-F! All the appetizers and panini's are half off. We really don't go any other time besides happy hour because the panini's and appetizers are our favorite things there...and because we are cheap students.

Our all time favorite is their braised beef brisket panini. The meat is tender and sweet and salty. You just have to try it for yourself. Their fries are some of the best in town, seasoned to perfection.

Here are some of the things we have tried:

Braised Beef Brisket Panini
Chorizo Panini
Carnitas Nachos
Waffles with bacon caramel
Crab Benedict
Fries: fried in duck fat, 
truffle oil, and just the regular

Do get the fries. If you are getting a basket, pay the extra to get them fried in duck fat!! If you are getting a panini, don't pay the extra just for the side, the regular fries are still awesome.
Do get the braised beef brisket panini, don't get the chorizo panini. The braised beef comes with an onion marmalade and just the right amount of gorgonzola. The chorizo panini has a weird flavor, and we usually love all things chorizo. 

Do get the carnitas nachos, don't get the waffles. The nachos are unique, with yummy braised pork and a fun kick of salsa verde and jalepenos. We were really disappointed with the waffles; they are too small and too dry. It's sad because the idea and flavor are so on point, just executed poorly.

 And try the crab benedict if you are okay with a really small breakfast, because the crab is delicious!

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March 22, 2013

DeLuca Gelato

Photo from: http://delucagelato.com/
Calling all GELATO LOVERS!
 I've never quite understood the hype about gelato. But, as far as gelato goes, DeLuca Gelato seems is right on point! Their selection contains over 30 unique flavors and the owner told me they do not use any artificial flavorings. I could not decide because every flavor I tried, I loved (except peach and brandy- it had too much of the brandy part for my liking!) 

I tried:

Caramel and Cream
Peach and Brandy
Cookies and Cream.

Amaretto was my favorite of the night. If you like the flavor of amaretto, you'll love their version of it. I also picked cookies and cream- which was really good but not better than all the other cookies and cream gelatos out there. I'm glad I stumbled across this gelato shop because it's the perfect place to satisfy my sweet tooth this spring and summer. Check them out and let me know which flavors you try!

March 21, 2013

...Country Style Doughnuts...

Ok people. Do not let the exterior of Country Style Doughnuts scare you away! This hidden gem is a must if you are a doughnut fan... open 24/7 (how fun is that!?) with the exception of a few hours on Monday. Beware, they only bake once a day from 11 p.m. through 6 a.m., so what you see it what you get. The doughnuts are only 98 cents!

I tried:

Boston cream
Toasted Coconut

The employee also let me taste a doughnut hole for free. All of them were fabulous and both the peanut and boston cream flavors ran out while I was there around 6 p.m. Locals kept stopping in and within 20 minutes the baskets were nearly empty! Next time you are near the airport, make sure to stop by!

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March 19, 2013

...Edo's Squid...

Hello to all my fellow foodies! I'm excited about this blog and excited to share with you some of the food that isn't just good but that you must try. For my very first blog post, we tried out Edo's Squid, which is in downtown Richmond. It is located upstairs so it is a bit harder to find. It definitely lived up to their reputation.

They start you out with some great bread, and then we ordered: 

fried squid ($9)
 spaghetti broccoletti and shrimp ($12)
  gorgonzolla penne ($12) 

The calamari was awesome and fresh, the broccoletti and shrimp had a great and unique flavor, but the gorgonzolla penne was the star of the meal. If you like gorgonzolla, you have to get this! The creamy flavor is a definite party in the mouth.
Edo's Squid has such a fun atmosphere and delicious food. Plus, you can keep it at a reasonable price. 

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